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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Full Body Sensual Meltdown & Kama Sutra Mystique for an hour or 90 minutes

A Kama Sutra massage can be both relaxing and pleasurable for a man and a woman.  Kama Sutra massage is done for the purpose of being a sensual experience.
The first thing to know about Kama Sutra massage is that the person giving the massage will not be reciprocated. Kama Sutra massage should be very slow and deliberate while the receiver concentrates on relaxation, breathing and enjoying the experience. Massage oils should be used to provide a smoother gliding motion of the hands and to heighten the experience. The massage should start on sensual, but not sexual parts of the body. Start by gently massaging the face and neck, move down to the shoulders and chest, then down the sides of the body. Pass the genital areas for now and slide hands completely down the side of the body to the feet. Spend some time massaging the feet as this is  very sensual. Then move up the inner calves and thighs, taking your time to add excitement, reminding your partner to relax. Then finally at the genital area, slowly massage all parts of the genitals, ending at the erogenous zone.

12:42 pm pst 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Slip into Tantra-Osity for one hour or longer & XXperience intense pleasure with lots of erotic toys
I trigger vast amounts of xxstastc pleasure from head2toe.   If you love to be teased endlessly for one, two or three hours, I use xxplosive techniques while boosting intennsity stroke by stroke.  My yummy delights will take you to the ultimate crescendo . 
11:05 am pst 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This Tantric Pleasure Initiatress will take you to Tantric Heaven--stroke by stroke
I keep you sooo close to the edge--slowly generating & intensifying arousal..We will build up to high peaks of xxcitement, ride that wave , then let the energy subside a little, then build again to higher and higher levels.  Choose your next Tantra session for 1hr, 90 min or 2-3hrs.  Can you handle this addictive stroke by stroke test to heaven?..
8:58 am pst 

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