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Sahara's Preparation and Etiquette


++Making an appt:  Impromptu APPTS can be arranged the same day--(w/in an hour or so after screening process)--but sometimes prebooking is necessary. First time clients can prebook 24-48 or at most 72 hours in advance, however I will make an exception if a week is needed.  Sunday appts are always prebooked & if you call on Sunday, at least 3hours+ notice is required..  When you call me, remind me if you have emailed or called b4. 
++I exert alot of energy during sessions, and therefore I do not schedule back 2 back appts. I prefer to be fresh & 100% for our time 2gether. I also prefer the "quality" appt first--over quanity. All of my sessions are unrushed. I focus on you & only you for the full length of the appt time (no need to watch the clock--ex: you pay for 90 minutes, you get 90 minutes). No worries!! *You will need to allow additional time on your first visit so that we may get aquainted with each other*.
++Baths and a few other sessions require advance preparation & not offered last minute and I cannot setup bath sessions for 1st time visit...
CryI do not offer full service/gfe and this is not a massage parlor. NO waiting area! I can only see one person at a time!!
**All massages are exclusively for men**
It's best to call using your cell phone & from a quiet place where you can ask questions & write down information, (preferably your room if in a hotel).  I will ask the same questions listed on my contact page.  Once the appt time is set, you may need to confirm depending on how far in advance you scheduled your session.  After getting your confirmation, I will call your domestic cell phone 25-30 minutes b4 to give directions or you will need to call me if using an international cell phone.  I cannot give directions to my residence more than 30 minutes b4 the appt time or if you are already in a cab, on the casino floor, bars, airport or any place that is noisy.  I only accept taxis dropping you off and picking you up if you are not driving yourself--no motorcycles, limos or other drivers please..**Taxi rides from/near the strip are $10-$15 each way + tip** You must check-into your hotel first.  I no longer allow anyone coming straight from the airport unless 5-star clients.

Please prepare for your session by addressing your hygiene.
If you have a meal, eat light.  You should never have any of the massages listed on a full stomach--you can plan your post-massage feast later.  Clear bowels if possible before leaving your home or hotel.
Be respectful at all times.  "Gentlemen Preferred".  I do not tolerate rude behavior, vulgar or explicit language.
Upon arrival, I will greet you at the door in  sexy attire and guide you into one of my massage rooms.  I immediately check your state issued id/passport/business card/work id or whatever id I asked you to bring for verification.  **We will discuss your "no go zones",  and if you have allergies or prone to rashes,  etc.. 
Your session will be pre-selected and discussed over the phone.  The donation/fee/offering should already be counted and placed in an unsealed envelope.  I should not have to ask for it or discuss it.  You will notice an offering tray in either room with a red envelope...just in case.....as well as any coupon you may have.  NOTE:  No upsell, hidden fees or hustle  here!!
I will  not answer questions about "what's included" in the massage.  All massages are fully detailed on my menu pages.  Sex/full service is never offered.   During or after our session,  I will answer questions about other massage services that piqued your interest on this site.
I use one or two fully equipped massage rooms.  I select which room depending on the session you have chosen.  I have a comfy queen size bed, a professional cushioned massage table-(heated or not) & a big beautiful Regal Tantric Massage bed.  For optimum pleasure, the Tantric bed is most suitable for longer sessions & sessions including Tantric baths and other massage styles.  **Candlelit ambience, aromatic incense & diffusers, erotic/exotic movies, soothing music for the soul, beverage display, toybox of goodies in each room**
I have 2 spacious bathrooms.  One where I offer Tantric baths and the 2nd one is where you can change and take a shower if you need to--(hygiene supplies available & clean towels + hooks & hangers for your clothes).  Clear your bladder, wrap your towel around your waist & enter into the massage room..You will be nude for your massage unless you ask for draping.
All cell phones, Iphones,  Blackberrys  etc.  should be turned off or put on vibrating mode.  I turn off my phone and do not take calls during sessions.
Be on time for your session...Call if you are running a few minutes late.  If you arrange an appointment and cannot make it, you MUST cancel asap by phone-not email.  If you do not call to cancel or reschedule, I will have to put you on my do not take list/blacklist/shitlist-whatever you want to name it. **No time for game players or inconsiderate guys... I too may cancel & always call you direct & email when necessary.
After your session is complete, you will rest in the afterglow for a few moments.  Since toxins are released from your body, you must drink plenty of water at this time.  I clean off the leftover oils -etc- from your body and you follow up with a hot shower and i will heat up your towel for you--upon request.
**I repeat, I do not offer gfe/escort/full service or accommodate couples or women**


Sahara...Black "tigress" in the Desert

AAA Tantra Massage in Las Vegas